OLOC Tattoos

In 1999, H20 released F.T.T.W., our third album, which included the song “One Life One Chance.” The song became one of our biggest and most influential and the title became the most popular tattoo to get by our fans.

Singing in H20 for over 18 years now, I wanted to call my non-profit foundation something special and have it be in line with the conviction that I myself live by. Meaning that, you do only get one life to live and one chance to do it right. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, including me. There will always be obstacles in life and, speaking from experience, having a positive attitude has gotten me through a lot of difficult situations. Because of that, I know how important this song is to H20, our fans, and to the kids who have gotten this tattoo.

I’ve been inspired by a lot of bands and have plenty of tattoos to express my gratitude for their lyrics that inspired me growing up. I wear my heart on my sleeve, literally. Thanks to everyone who got these tattoos and who truly understand how blessed we are to be alive and here on this earth to inspire and make a difference everyday!

– Toby