Steve Berra

Legendary Pro Skateboarder for over 20 years and never partied, never got caught up in the drinking & drugs. Steve definitely has that PMA!

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3 Responses to “Steve Berra”

  1. Eric johnson says:

    all that i can say is steve berra is amazing on and off the board ive been a fowaller of his for the past year watching all his video parts, interviews and checking the berrics everyday… and ill admit i think steve berra has changed a lot of things in my life hes one of my favorite pros and a huge insparation in my life.
    ,Eric johnson

  2. sean collum says:

    I love you Steve with all my heart and more !

  3. Jeremiah Kanter says:

    The first issue of Transworld Skateboarding I ever purchased had an excellent interview with Steve (sometime in 93 or 94 i believe) and never once did he talk about partying or drinking. Actually it kind of made him one of my Skate idols, particularly since I was a Thrasher reader prior (which seemed to portray the drunk’n punk style a little more). Pictures were plastered on the wall instantly. Within another year or so I started listening to H2O and Toby Morse also became an idol. I’ve been straightedge ever since. You have both been very positive influences in my life without ever even having met… And for that I thank you.