Anthony Wayne Junior High kids wrote some amazing comment, click on them to view.


Great Mills High School teacher Stephanie Hampton wrote this letter about Toby’s presentation and his impact.

You can also read and view photos about Toby’s talk at Great Mills High School here.

Chris Bowles, Principal of Palos Verde High School, wrote the following about Toby’s presentation on the PVHS website October 28th 2010

Red Ribbon Week also was a resounding success.
Spanish teacher Ann Windes organized speakers for each day this week. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Miss Windes arranged for young adults to speak to our students about the dangers of substance abuse. These speakers delivered a very powerful message to about 150 of our students on each of these days. Yesterday, Toby Morse of One Life One Chance spoke in two assemblies to our entire student body. Toby, a professional musician in a punk rock band, told of his drug free life style and reinforced that people can still be cool without substance abuse. Both students and teachers alike were very impressed with Toby’s message. We’d like to thank Miss Windes for a very successful and informative Red Ribbon Week.

Read more about Toby’s talk at PVHS here and to view photos of the event click right here.
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