CM Punk

My good friend CM Punk is the first Straight Edge Professional Wrestler. Young kids are being inspired to live Drug Free because of him.

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31 Responses to “CM Punk”

  1. Msladyloyalty says:

    Great video! I had no clue that there was even a wrestler that was straight edge! Much respect and inspirational! PMA everyday!

  2. Lauren says:

    I became Straight Edge because of him 2 years ago and i’m proud to being one. He gives the example through wrestling (:

  3. suxx says:

    Punker is the best. I love him. I’m not straightedge, well I smoke, but I do like his attitude. He’s a good example for the kids. My boy hates it when I smoke (outside) so I guess he won’t start smoking because he sees how hard it is to beat a habit.

  4. VincentPea says:

    What Else ? …Follow Punk in the SxE life style, and live your life <3

  5. mariano says:

    Yeah! PMA! GO! SXE!!!

  6. Justin says:

    A lot of straight edge kids come off too preachy/holier than thou. I originally watched this for a good laugh, but CM Punk came off really well, and I would be proud to have my future sons look up to someone like him :)

  7. MacasNewZealand says:

    Straight Edge is world wide. I am in New Zealand, and know many people, myself included, that are living the Straight Edge life style. Some of theses people are very pushy, and do think Straight Edge is the only “right” way to live, everything else, everyone else is wrong. This saddens me as it gives people the wrong idea about Straight Edge.
    I have also been a little disapointed at the WWE for portraying CM Punk being Straight Edge as a bad thing, made him a heel, and make him booed because of Straight Edge. It seems from this video, his character and himself are very different. His character is pushy, whilst Punk himself is not. I think WWE needs to let Punk portray some other reason to be booed other then the fact he’s Straight Edge. Yes, given they use the pushyness, but still, this puts a bad light on Straight Edge, which in reality, is not a bad way of life, it’s somewhat healthier. Why try and turn people off from this?
    My congrats go to Toby though, for going around schools, talking to children, who are growing up in a world where alcohol and drugs are commanly accepted in society, legal and illegal in some parts, but not only talking to them, but giving them the idea, knwledge of Straight Edge in a way they understand, and enjoy. Letting them know it doesn’t stop them from having fun, but, keeps them happy, so the fun times keep rolling.
    Thank you Toby, and thank you CM Punk.

  8. xazrulx says:


  9. Kasia says:

    Cm Punk is a great Man !
    PMA ! SxE For Life

  10. Kris says:

    Straight Edge is the way to be. Thank you CM Punk, you are amazing.

  11. grecia says:

    CM Punk it’s really a great person…I didnt know about the straight edge lifestyle until I met him…but I had decided to live clean long time ago…and it’s great to know that out there is someone who actually cares to set a good example…we should look up to people like him

  12. SES says:

    Punk you are aswome!!!

    i am a stright edge now becuse of him!!

  13. De says:

    Great Video! I used to drink a while ago, but right when I was deciding whether or not to kick the habit, I started watching ECW and saw CM Punk come out. Thought he was an amazing wrestler and heard the commentators talking about how he’s straight edge. I decided to look it up, loved it, and decided to make a change and I’ve been straight edge ever since. Just wanna say thanks to CM Punk for getting the word out and introducing me to straight edge.

  14. TNA Sucks says:

    CM Punk is awesome…

  15. DANGAN says:

    Punk may be the 1st guy to have straight edge label attatched to him but he’s hardly the 1st wrestler to live that kind of lifestyle. Jerry Lawler’s well known for never drinking or doing drugs or anything like that among others

    Oh and MacasNewZealand, track down some older Punk footage. He was portraying the same kind of preachy, “straight edge means i’m better then you”, bad guy character for years before he came to the WWE. If you’re not a fan of it fair enough but it’s actually his own idea not something WWE came up with or forced on him.

  16. Asher Delion says:

    C.M. Punk is an amazingly good wrestler, whether heel or face, and he always pushes different aspects of himself to the forefront, to Macas, I totally get what you mean, I think in the long run they are trying to make Punk into another “The Jackyl” type gimmick with the whole cult following thing, I am hoping, however that he will be turned face soon, as I think that would be the best way to get his message across.

  17. Mikey M. says:

    Awesome vid. He’s truly an inspiration to a generation of kids. Keep it up

  18. seqouia26 says:

    punk is right on, i can relate to him…. i love pro wrestling, heavy music, and being drug free

  19. anthony says:

    i loved the interview… i been a fan of Punk’s since i 1st seen him in WWE’s ECW. I’ve been disappionted how WWE has used his straight edge lifestyle to turn him into a villian though. Sure wrestling is fake and its all a storyline but kids look up to these guys as heroes and what kind of message are they sending to kids with the Straight Edge Society storyline? I love Punk’s performances but i hate what WWE is doing with him as a character.

  20. Chick Magnet says:

    I’m A straightedge like C.M Punk too. He’s a good a example to our Society and A great wrestling and Speaking of that now that WWE is PG and more children are watching the show many kids will cite him to their parents as a motivator good role model to our not only to our society boy, yo the whole world as well. C.M Punk Rocks!

  21. sarah says:

    Straight Edge is the way 2 be i so agree. you dnt need to drink to have fun 2 party

  22. Virmantas says:

    I am straigh-edge too.

  23. Jimmy says:

    While I think Straightedge is a good concept, I don’t think that it should be given all the credit. I am a born-again Christian, completely sold out follower of Jesus Christ and I don’t drink. I have never tasted alcohol in my life. I think Straightedge sends a good message to kids about foreign substances but I have to say that I disagree with the fact that Straightedge gets all the credit. Jesus Christ offers a way to Heaven and eternal life and offers a life that is free from teh bondage of substance abuse and things of that nature. I’m not bashing Straightedge, don’t get me wrong, I am simply saying that there are other people who adhere to as strict a lifestyle who are not Straightedge.

    -In Christ

  24. Duygu says:

    I love him so much and totally agree with what he is saying about not preaching but realising there is a different way to live your life, I think he’s such an awesome role model for kids. Thank you Punk!

  25. mac says:

    Let me add something from a slightly older perspective….I played in a lot of rock bands through my life, and always got teased for not drinking or doing drugs, I run into these same people nowdays, and they look like they are in their 60’s, and they say I look like I’m in my mid 30’s, even though I’ll be 50 next year, so there are long term benefits of being SxE. Major props to Toby and CM Punk for such a postive message, and to Punk for being such an awesome wrestler!

  26. Ryan says:

    Yeah, Punk is not the only SxE wrestler I’m aware of. There is also M-Dogg 20/Matt Cross. As he follows the SxE lifestyle as well. I’ve been SxE forever, but, I sadly only knew what the term meant when I first saw him surface in WWE, lol. (As I’d heard it many times before), and for those who don’t like his heel gimmick, I think it’s great personally. He had this same type of gimmick when he was in Ring Of Honor (which I follow regularly, more than WWE these days), and IWA: Mid South. (correct me if I’m wrong on that).

  27. xxKOSTASxx says:

    CM punk…WOW…He is an incredible wrestler and also seems to be a great guy.I personally am a straight edge for not too much time(haven’t drink for 6 months,by the way i have never smoked or done drugs,i also have never consumed caffeine)but i hope and believe that i will keep on being straight edge untill i die…

  28. Kostas Marvey says:

    CM Punk is the best, but WWE is really stupid: they turned Punk into a heel and the Straightedge Society message does not pass properly to the rest of the people.

  29. alondra says:

    omg!! cm punk change dmy life for ever. i am going to be straight edge forever

  30. I could not agree more with this video and the following statement:

    Personally I have never found the practice of recreational drug use appealing. In fact, I have always found the lifestyle and the people who surround it to be abhorrent. I never quite understood why anyone would risk sacrificing their bodies, minds, and relationships at the expense of a quick damaging high. I grew up in a small town and at my high school, like every high school, every one’s recreation of choice was drug abuse. I never understood it. I never took part and always felt quite alone in this decision. Then one day I discovered a band called Minor Threat and realized that there were more people out there who thought like me. I was very excited to say the least, and what was more encouraging, these people were part of the oh-so self-destructive punk scene. From that day on I claimed the X. I continue to do so today because I believe the sXe philosophy is a very positive one that many people, especially young people, can benefit from greatly if they have the desire. – Davey Havok

  31. Adith k Suresh says:

    C m Punk is the Best in the world.There is only real is Straight edge.if everyone accept straight edge,the world must be good.I’m in India.Punk is a great personality.Thank you punk to give Straight edge.